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From: Patrick Jackson
         Medellín, Colombia    

Wednesday, 12:00 Noon

Hola Amigo,

If you have been trying to learn Spanish for any length of time I can guess what is your greatest challenge.  I know what that challenge is because I have faced the same challenge in my struggle to learn Spanish. 

In fact, in your struggle to learn Spanish you have probably faced a number  of challenges:

  Learning how to conjugate Spanish verbs
  Learning all the different areas of Spanish grammar
  Learning new Spanish vocabulary words
  Learning proper pronunciation in Spanish

But there is one challenge that I am sure that you are facing that overshadows all the others.

And I know what that challenge is . . . .


Maybe you have reached a point where you can understand everything that the instructors or voice-over professionals are saying  in your favorite Spanish course.

Maybe you have even reached a level where you can understand more than 90% of what the newscaster is saying in “las noticias” and what the actors and actresses are saying in your favorite “novelas.” 

But when you take a trip to Mexico or any other country in Latin America you are completely lost as soon as the cab driver opens his mouth...  

... and if a homeless person approached you and asked you something in Latin America, FORGET ABOUT IT! 

You'd really have no idea what the heck he was asking you.

Perhaps you have complimented yourself on how well you communicated with the Latino waiter in your  favorite “comida latina” restaurant in the States ...

... after all, he understand everything you said and you understood everything he said – but as soon he started a conversation with his co-workers it would not have made a difference if he was speaking Russian or Spanish...

... because you understand absolutely NADA of what  he was saying to them.

So have you reached a point where you feel comfortable expressing any thought or idea that you have in Spanish?

But there's a huge gap between what you are able to express in Spanish and what you are able to understand in Spanish?

 If that's how you feel, then I can tell you that I understand...

...I have been in that same situation.

In fact, I was in that same situation less than 9 years ago...

And then, fortunately, I was able to re-locate to Colombia, South America and live here for more than 8 years – including a year when I lived in a home where I was the only one who knew how to speak English – which forced me to only speak in Spanish and also understand TODO (everything) that they said in Spanish.   

But I know that everyone does not have the luxury to just pack their bags and move to Latin America...

Maybe your job or family responsibilities will not allow you to just get up tomorrow morning and move to Latin America and immerse yourself in the Spanish of normal Spanish speaking folks – instead of the Spanish that you have grown accustomed to hearing and understanding  so well...

... the Spanish that instructors, newscasters, actors and voice over professionals go out of their way to pronounce every syllable of every word so clearly. 


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Fast Lane Spanish 2.0 Will Put You On The Right Track to Speaking Spanish More Fluently and Understanding the Language Like a Native Speaker...




Fast Lane Spanish 2.0 is a membership site that uses a SYSTEM to quickly increase your ability to speak and understand everyday spoken Spanish.  

Fast  Lane Spanish 2.0's SYSTEM uses not one but THREE methods to help you not only accelerate  your ability to speak Spanish but also understand it.   

And I don't mean only understand the language when a Spanish instructor or actor speaks it...

...but also understand the language when it is spoken by a cab driver, shop owner, “obrero” (manual worker), restaurant worker or even a college-educated professional who is having a laid back conversation with his or her “amigos” while drinking “cervezas” (beer) and watching a “fútbol” (soccer) game.

John says:

I liked the videos very much. I will be watching them several to many times. Great work.
Y muchísimas gracias.

METHOD 1:  Audio Spanish Lessons Covering the Fundamentals

Every month you will receive access to new audio Spanish lessons that cover the fundamentals of Spanish. These lessons are perfect for you if you are a complete BEGINNER. But if you are an intermediate-advanced student, you are probably thinking “no gracias, I already know the fundamentals of Spanish.”

But I am willing to bet that even if you are an intermediate-advanced student, there are still plenty of gaps and holes in your Spanish. How do I know? Because I learned Spanish the hard way.  Using self-study courses, attending classes and learning with Spanish instructors. And one thing that I have noticed about all of the self-study courses, Spanish classes and Spanish instructors is that they all put a huge emphasis on the Spanish grammar topic of “learning how to conjugate Spanish verbs.”  

Don’t get me wrong . . . Mastering Spanish verbs is extremely important if you wish to become conversational or fluent in Spanish. But there is another topic of Spanish grammar that is equally important and that is often overlooked in Spanish courses. And that’s the topic of Spanish Pronouns & Prepositions.

My “claim to fame” is that I can confidently challenge anyone who thinks that they own a larger collection of learning-Spanish books, CDs and software than I own. And even with my enormous collection of learning-Spanish materials, there is only one learning-Spanish resource that I have found that thoroughly covers the topic of Spanish Pronouns & Prepositions. Even if you own a copy of that book, there is a huge difference between reading about Spanish Pronouns & Prepositions and learning how to master the topic using audio drills and audio exercises.

With your Fast Lane Spanish 2.0 membership, every month you will get access to NEW audio lessons that cover Spanish Pronouns & Prepositions. These lessons use the exact same fun and interactive method made famous  by Learning Spanish Like Crazy. Here are some of the “Pronouns & Prepositions” topics that the FLS 2.0 Method 1 lessons cover:

   Subject Pronouns
  Interrogative Pronouns
  Prepositional Pronouns
   Possessive Pronouns
  Demonstrative Pronouns
  Numbers as Pronouns
   Adjective Pronouns
   Relative Pronouns
   Direct Object Pronouns
  Indirect Object Pronouns
   Reflexive Object Pronouns
   Reciprocal Pronouns
   The Pronoun se and the passive voice
  Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases
   Por and Para
   Prepositions and Verbs

And a lot more...

Each month, I will add 4 new Method 1 fundamental Spanish audio lessons to our membership site.

 METHOD 2: Video and Audio Spanish Lessons of Intermediate/Advanced Conversations in Spanish


In the Membership site, you will get instant access to plenty of animated videos of native Spanish speakers having conversations on intermediate-level and advanced-level topics of Spanish. These conversations do not cover the typical conversations that you'll find in your average Spanish course.

 I am sure that you are sick and tired of hearing the same old conversations over and over again that you hear in other Spanish courses. You know what I am talking about. Those boring conversations about “eating in a restaurant,” “checking-in at a hotel,” “at the airport,” ”at the currency exchange,” and “at the market.


In Method 2, you will watch and listen to animated videos with intermediate and advanced conversations of Spanish covering topics such as:

  Buying a New House
  Deciding What You'd Like to Eat in a Fast Food Restaurant
  How to Eat Healthy
  Discussing the Candidates and Issues of the National Election
  What Are My Career Options?
  At a Concert
  How My Music Lessons are Progressing
  Buying a New Puppy at the Pet Shop


Listening and watching these animated videos of intermediate and advanced conversations -- that you are not used to hearing in your typical Spanish course -- will surely improve your ability to understand Spanish...

You will hear lots of new Spanish vocabulary words...

... and the videos will give a visual context to your newly acquired vocabulary words – reinforcing each word so that they forever stick to your memory.


Each month, I will add 5 new “Method 2” animated video Spanish lessons to our membership site. 

Mark Kelly says:

These animations and the lesson it gives us are so incredible...

 "Normal" and "Slower" Audio For Every Lesson...


In the Membership site, you will get instant access to two different “tracks” or recordings of the audio from ALL OF YOUR animated video lessons...


The first track or recording of the audio  is done at a pace that is 100% normal. It is not slowed down. It is at the same pace that a Spanish speaker would normally speak...

To make sure that you get the most out of these lessons, I have also included a slightly slower track with a pause after each phrase or sentence that the native Spanish speaker says.

This helps you two ways . . . 

  You can repeat the phrase after the Spanish-speaker on the recording to help you reinforce your new vocabulary words.
  By repeating the phrase after the Spanish speaker you can assure yourself that you are learning proper pronunciation.
Martin Schuchert says:

This was way above my Spanish level and yet: I found the subject fascinating and the animation and graphics very helpful; so much so that I understood way more than I should have. I got so much absorbed in the subject that only at the end I realized: Hey this is in Spanish! Great way to learn: Dont tell me about grammar. Make it fun and sneak the boring stuff in. Way to go Patrick.

Complete Lesson Transcripts In English & Spanish...


I have also included downloadable  PDF transcripts  in both Spanish and English to all of the Spanish audio lessons.




That way,  if there are any words that you hear and you do not understand, you can always look the words up in the PDF transcripts.  


Each month, I will add 5 NEW “Method 2” intermediate-advanced audio Spanish lessons to our membership site. 


METHOD 3: Videos of Regular Spanish Speaking Folks


In Method  3 of this system, I have included videos of plain ordinary Spanish speaking folks...

The conversations in these videos are not “rehearsed”  or “planned.” And the speakers are not actors or voice-over professionals...

...Just common folks like us who happen to be native Spanish speakers.

Despite the requests of the Learning Spanish Like Crazy instructors who told me NOT to  include recorded conversations from regular folks, I did it anyway...


Because you asked for it!!!

Daryl Younker says:

I think its an excellent idea. Ive gotten used to listening to professionals who pronounce each word perfectly. That is not the case with most people. It would help us to listen to ordinary people and read along if necessary.


I surveyed the Learning Spanish Like Crazy students and the overwhelming majority of you said “lets do it!”

And from most of the comments that the LSLC students left on my  Blog, there is one thing that nearly all of you agree on:


 By the way... I have also included Spanish subtitles and English translations in all of the videos  with common folks speaking so that you can be sure that you understand what the heck they are saying.


 Each month, I will add 12 new “Method 3” videos to our membership site! 



Is The System that I Use in the Fast Lane Spanish 2.0 Membership Site Foolproof for Learning How to Understand Everything that Native Spanish Speakers Say?


I cannot promise you that by becoming a member of Fast Lane Spanish 2.0 that you will be able to understand each and every word that you will ever hear a native Spanish speaker utter...

I cannot guarantee you that if you are in Latin America and a homeless person mumbles or mutters something to you that you will understand everything he said...

 In fact,  I cannot even promise you that if you are in Latin America and a cab driver quickly blabs off a string of words that you will not have to ask him to repeat what he said....

But I can guarantee you that by becoming a member of Fast Lane Spanish 2.0 that you will greatly improve your ability to speak and understand everyday conversational Spanish!

Bill Tomlinson says:

Many thanks for the excellent Advanced Video/Audio lesson. I would definitely be interested in subscribing to more of these.
I found it very useful to have the English translation included as I find it really helps my efforts to make progress at the Intermediate level.
I also think the slow version of the audio is an excellent idea...

Click the "Add To Cart" Button To Become a Member of the NEW Fast Lane Spanish 2.0 Program.

Get 14 Months of Access to Fast Lane Spanish 2.0 For Just $397, $297, $197


So What Do You Get When You Become a Member of Fast Lane Spanish 2.0?  


When you become a Member of Fast Lane Spanish 2.0 this is what you get with your membership:

  Every month you will get access to 4 Fundamental (Beginner) audio Spanish lessons covering different areas of Spanish Prepositions and Pronouns.
  Every month you will get access to 5 animated videos of intermediate and advanced Spanish conversations to help you visually reinforce the Spanish that you have learned.
  Every month you will get access to 5 downloadable MP3 audio files of intermediate-advanced Spanish conversations recorded at a NORMAL speed to give your Spanish listening skills an immediate boost.
  Every month you will receive 5 downloadable MP3 audio files of intermediate-advanced Spanish conversations recorded at a SLOW speed to sharpen your Spanish pronunciation AND to multiply your Spanish vocabulary.


Each and every month you will receive download access to the PDF transcripts  in both Spanish and English to all of the audio Spanish lessons. 

  Every month you will get access to 12 videos of normal, everyday Spanish-speaking folks to develop your ability to hear and understand normal conversational Spanish. (These videos will include Spanish subtitles and English translations.)


I have a special bonus for you for becoming a member today. If you become a member  today you will also get EIGHT (8) bonus text Spanish lessons in the membership area. These text lessons are thorough and cover the following learning Spanish topics fairly well:
  1 Spanish Vocabulary Words From A to L
  2 Spanish Vocabulary Words From  M to Z
  3 Essential Spanish Phrases To Help You Enjoy A Perfect Day On The Beach
  4 Cool Streetwise Spanish Phrases For A Perfect Weekend Break
  5 Tasty Spanish Phrases To Help You Enjoy Delicious Food Around The Hispanic World
  6 Smarten Up Your Spanish With These Stylish “Fashion” Spanish Phrases
  7 Key Spanish Phrases For Streetwise Drivers
  8 Sparkling Spanish Phrases To Add Color To Your Spanish (Drinks)

But you are going to have to become a member today or during this special "promoción" celebrating the opening of our NEW FLS 2.0 program.


 I am going to increase the price of a membership after this special "promoción" celebrating the opening of our membership site...

This special price is only for my existing LSLC customers and readers, and my existing Verbarrator customers... 

... It is my way of saying “gracias” to you for your support.

I am also sharing this offer with the customers of a couple of friends who publish learning-Spanish newsletters...

But other than that . . . I am NOT offering this special price to the general public. And after this special "promoción," I am definitely going to raise the price of a membership.

100% No Questions Asked 60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee!


Like all of my company's products and services, your Fast Lane Spanish 2.0 membership comes with a fully money back guarantee for sixty (60) days.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your membership, simply let me know  within sixty (60) days, and I will refund your money.


Let Me In Right Now Patrick!

Within 24 hours of placing your order you will receive access to the FLS 2.0 membership site. Then you will have access to the video, audio and text lessons in our membership site. And you will be on your way to mastering how to speak and understand real conversational Spanish faster and easier than you ever imagined possible.

Marti King says:

I have been looking for something like this for ages and am delighted to have found audios with this great quality....

Click the "Add To Cart" Button To Become a Member of the NEW Fast Lane Spanish 2.0 Program.

Get 14 Months of Access to Fast Lane Spanish 2.0 For Just $397, $297, $197


 To your Learning Spanish success,

Patrick Jackson

Patrick Jackson, Founder


P.S.  Remember, since your membership comes with a 60 day full money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose.